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MIS 2023 Event Map (white background).png

PDF version available here ->

Relay exchange, spectator areas and aid station location.


The Start Line

- End of Boardwalk

- Beach at Grand Hotel

- Relay Exchange Point

- 8.2 Mile route is optional (head South at start, turnaround at the break wall)

- For a shorter option, head North at start (7 mile route, 2.75mi to first relay exchange)


British Landing


- The ONLY easily accessible RESTROOMS

- Relay Exchange Point

- 3.75 Miles on swim route

- 2.75 Miles on path from start line

This location will be soon before swimmers make the turn around the north end of the island.  Which, depending on the weather/current, could mean things get a lot easier... or... a lot harder.


The East Side


- Relay Exchange Point 

- Mile 6 on swim route (mile 5 from start line)

- Long straight aways

- Great spot to spectate

Swimmers be aware of larger rocks along the shoreline.  Backstroke may not be wise in some of these locations.

Arch Rock

- Home stretch, 1 mile to go

- Great place for a picture

- Restrooms are available here, if you want to climb 207 stairs.


The Finish Line

- Finish at Mission Point Resort

- Want that full 8.2?  Make sure to swim to the break wall and turn at the buoy

Get your medal and your meal!

A note on relay exchanges

Relay Exchange Chart.png

Relay Exchange Chart

- How to use:  Swimmer A pick a row that denotes where you will start.  Use the column to decide where you will meet swimmer B.  The intersection is the distance you will swim.

- Highlighted part indicates all segments in order

How to do your relay exchange.

1)  Exchange your race chip/bib as if it is a relay baton.  The swimmer who is in the water should always have the chip.

2) A staff member/volunteer will record your relay exchange to keep our event staff aware of your last exchange location.

Black Water

Information about the
2023 Mackinac Island Swim
will be updated regularly on YouTube

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