Black Water

Event Maps and Course Pictures (subject to change)

Below you will find maps and photos of specific locations along the route.  


Distances above denote the walking travel length from the start line (actual swimmer's mileage will vary)

Start Line


Relay exchange, spectator areas and aid station location.


Approximately 1.4 miles from the start line will be the first good opportunity to make a relay exchange.  This area is noticeable as a western point/bend on the island map.

The first 1-2 miles of the event will offer great views of the Mackinac Bridge!

We ask that spectators and participants be mindful of private property, especially on this stretch of the swim.  This west end of the island is home to many residents.  Please remember you are representing this great event.  

British Landing - 2.7 miles from start

British Landing will be another excellent point for a relay exchange.  It will also be one of the few areas to offer an actual restroom to spectators/participants.  

This location will also be soon before swimmers make the turn around the north end of the island.  Which, depending on the weather/current, could mean things get a lot easier... or... a lot harder.


HALFWAY POINT (3.7 - 4 miles from start)

Located just south of the northern tip of the island.  

Great location to make a relay exchange.

Staff will be located here with drink and food to fuel for the back half of the swim.

Please note that the east end of the island is much rockier than the west.  Swimmers are advised to look out for large rocks, backstroke could be dangerous in this area.

Long straightaway 4.5 - 6 miles from start

This stretch of water may offer excellent places to make a relay exchange.  

All swimmers must remember to check-in with staff following a relay exchange.  Safety First!



ARCH ROCK = atleast a 10k


Last chance for a relay exchange

Home stretch! 

What you can expect here:

  • A lot of spectators!

  • A lot of curious tourists!

  • A lot of will power to finish!


Finish Line Celebration 
at Mission Point Resort...'ll have to wait until August 14 to see it for yourself!