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What are the water conditions, you ask?

2020:  65 - 68 degrees.  SW winds = fast and choppy start with a slow (against the current) calm finish
2021:  70 - 72 degrees.  NW winds = slow (against the current) and choppy start with a fast and calm finish
2022:  62 - 65 degrees.  SE winds = fast and calm start with a slow and brutal finish (think washing machine)
2023:  60 - 65 degrees with reports of much colder pockets throughout.  NNW winds
Water conditions in the Straits of Mackinac are highly unpredictable.  Average water temperature during August is in the mid to upper 60's, however temperature shifts can happen overnight with changes in wind/current.
  • Dates for the future:

    • August 18, 2024

    • August 10, 2025

    • August 9, 2026

  • The Mackinac Island Swim is a challenging 8.2 miles

    • Swimmers may choose to do a 7 mile route instead.

  • Swimmers will have the benefit of the shoreline at close proximity and the ability to swim the majority of the race in crystal clear shallow water.

  • Swimmers that don't feel they want to swim the full distance will have the option to swim any distance they choose.  However they will be responsible to walk/bike the remaining distance following a check in with staff member.  You must alert someone if you exit the course.

  • Your event registration includes:

    • Entry to the swim

    • Finisher Towel

    • Finisher Medal

    • Finish line meal ticket​

    • 40% off on TYR products through our TYR Team store

  • Pricing

    • Event fee​ for individuals​​

      • Dec 30 till February 29 - $295

      • March 1 till June 30 - $345

      • July 1 - August 1 - $395

      • No entries after August 1

    • Event fee for relays (price is per person)​

      • $245/person (price increases $50 on March 1, $100 on July 1)

      • 2 - 6 swimmers per team

      • During registration on RunSignUp, the $245 price will not be reflected until the end of registration at the payment screen.  *The participant that sets up the relay team will be charged the individual price and will then be refunded $50 once a new relay member registers to the team.

  • Swimmers will be responsible for:

    • Personal hydration/nutrition, however there will be 2 aid stations​

    • A WETSUIT is required*

      • *​you may waive this by providing your own kayak support

        • Kayak rentals are very limited and sell out quick.​

      • anyone swimming with neither a wetsuit and without kayak support will be removed from the event


  • Fins and/or paddles are permitted.  This is not a race, the challenge is what you make of it.

  • Relays

    • Please understand that rela​y members will be responsible for transporting themselves around the island.  Remember, there are no vehicles on Mackinac Island, which means relay teams will either need to walk/run or bicycle to meet their relay members.  From it's furthest point to town (start/finish line) members may be responsible to cover up to 3.6mi on foot (one way).

    • Relay teams are expected to make exchanges at the designated areas (designated areas are subject to change).

  • STAYING ON THE ISLAND THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EVENT IS NOT NECESSARY.  Shepler's Ferry has agreed to offer an early service for swimmers the morning of the event.  For the 2024 swim, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PURCHASE YOUR OWN FERRY TICKET.    

It's about giving back

We are proud to announce that The Mackinac Island Swim is a fundraising event. ALL profits go to benefit the local community.  The Mackinaw Woman's Club, will be our main benefactor.  However, we will also be fundraising for other local organizations throughout the event and leading up to it.  Our registration fee was designed to pay for the expenses of the event (staff expenses, venue expenses, permits, insurance, event swag, medal, this website, etc).  Merchandise, raffle sales, auction items and all money taken in during the event weekend go to the Mackinac Woman's Club.

2021 - $10,500 raised on event weekend 

2022 - $28,000 raised on event weekend

2023 - $15,000 as of August 20, 2023 

To learn more, please check out this link:

<- printable Event Checklist .pdf

MIS Event Checklist.png
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